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Our story traces back to 2017 when our founder traveled to a Nicaragua landfill community with International Samaritans. The land was drowning in plastic, which planted a seed in her mind to do something about it. 

Fast forward to today, as food lovers, we've noticed that disposable, single-use plastics have become an increasingly problematic but convenient meal-to-meal phenomenon. Plastics are plagued with numerous harmful impacts. For instance, they take over 500 years to decompose, have known carcinogens, and only 5% of recyclable plastics actually get a second life!


Therefore, we, A La Care, offer elegant, sustainable food ware that break down naturally within 2 years - better for people and the planet. 

A La Care is a business founded in the city of angels, Los Angeles. Our name is play on “a la carte” - a nod towards our first customers in the foodservice industry and another nod to our guiding principle of care towards them and our planet.

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